Tip: Use dynamic CTAs to guide prospects through your funnel

Potential customers often require multiple touches to convert, and each one of those touches is a golden opportunity. Don't waste them by making the same offer every time. Lead visitors toward the finish line by adjusting your calls to action.

Have you ever signed up for a newsletter and then returned to the site later, only to be asked to sign up again? If so, you won't be surprised to hear that these static CTAs result in missed opportunities. In fact, dynamic CTAs outperform other CTAs by 202%. So create a few options and display them according to the user's stage in the customer lifecycle. For example, you could offer new visitors a special offer or direct them to download your lead magnet. Repeat visitors could be encouraged to sign up for your newsletter. Newsletter subscribers could be led to the next layer of the funnel, and so on. CRM tools like Hubspot or SharpSpring can make it easier to get started, as they can handle dynamic CTAs right out of the box.

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