Tip: Use emojis in your subject lines to increase open rates 🤓

If your subject line doesn't catch your reader's eye, you'll miss out on precious engagement. Be conspicuous and increase your open rate by using emojis.

When Experian experimented with adding emojis to their email subject lines, their open rates increased by 56%. Since only 2% of companies are using them, they help you stand out in a crowded inbox. Plus, emojis help you save precious space, convey emotion, and reinforce branding. Go with popular emojis, make sure they're relevant, don't overdo it, and split test to see what your audience likes. Of course, emojis may not be suitable for some audiences (and brands), so be discerning. And then there are the rendering issues. Nearly every email client supports emojis these days, but some older ones don't, so some recipients may see a ☐ character. Sometimes emojis even get replaced with the word “emoji”, which isn't great. Long story short, emojis work, but test before sending.

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  1. 4

    Is this why you guys have an emoji in every email ;)

  2. 2

    @growthbites this is a cool tip. Another interesting Tip for email to show that you care about the person is use the 'name twice' in the body of the email.

    1. 1

      Thanks, Sandeep! Has using their name twice increased click-throughs or other metrics for you?

      1. 2

        I consistently had >25% reply rates.

  3. 2

    This is the type of thing that's super-high ROI.

    One small simple change, literally one keystroke, and you can double your sales.

    Pretty crazy when you think about it.

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