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[Tip] Use GIF & memes for free brand exposure

Hey IH 👋

I've always been a fan of good memes and well-placed gifs. I like to highlight funny situations with a good meme or gif in my everyday conversations...

So while thinking about what to do to get some visibility for SEOwl, my SEO rank tracker product I thought : "why not create some good meme around SEO ?"

So I did just that !

Created 49 meme gifs in under one hour with my current inspiration. Quickly wrote a python script to add "seowl.co" as a watermark and voila !

I decided to put them Giphy so that they can be found by others easily and to get some analytics.

The results are somewhat impressive !

giphy analytics screenshot

Of course an impression here does not mean they actually saw my website.
But for a few hours of work, I find that results okay.

Who knows, maybe one day someone will pick one up and share it on social media and it will go viral with my watermark?

As it's related to my field, it's basically free targeted traffic once setup.

So ... go on giphy and look at your main keywords : do you find relevant gifs ? could you create some with your brand on it ?

Hope it gave you some ideas of alternative marketing 😀

Here's SEOwl page if anyone is wondering : https://giphy.com/seowl_app

Cheers !

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    I like to share memes and gifs, I have a huge library. However not once have I ever thought about clicking on one of the links in them. Ever. Seems to me that would be the easiest place that malware distributors would add their links.

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