Tip: Use Twitter threads to grow your audience

Twitter threads pack more of a punch than your average tweet. Get around the stifling 280 character limit by posting threads so that you can increase engagement and impressions.

Twitter threads get an average of 63% more impressions than tweets with links, and an average of 54% more engagement (though they don't get as many link clicks). They're great for complex ideas, stories, tutorials, rants, live-tweets, and so on. And they're a powerful way to build an audience. One user, hey_ciara, got over 13,000 new followers, 47,000 retweets, and even increased her blog views by 10x with one tweet thread. That's obviously an outlier, but she's not alone. @PeteRamsey of Built for Mars got 317 retweets and 452 likes when he put out a thread. And that's a lot, considering that he only had 300 followers at the time. He emphasizes the importance of being concise, compressing real value into the thread, and saving self-promotion for the end.

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    Twitter threads are one of the best Twitter growth hacking tips out there.

    It's state-of-the-art audience-building on Twitter -- nothing beats a meaty, insightful Tweet Storm (at the end of which you can plug your offer).

    Not to get self-promotional, the best way to maximize the value you get out of Twitter threads is to schedule them and drip them out over a longer period of time.

    I've written a quick-start guide on that right here: https://zlappo.com/blog/how-schedule-twitter-threads-step-step-guide/.

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      Hmm, I should try this for IH.

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    Do you guys like to drop links throughout your thread as you illustrate different points, or only linking out to one main resource at the end? I was looking to promote our new SaaS Marketing Guide with a Twitter Thread, but definitely wondering about thoughts on when to include links? I was thinking of linking out to specific blog posts from my SaaS Marketing Blog Series, and then at the end of the thread, offering the ebook, but I get the feeling that's too overtly promotional. Should I just stick to offering the value and not link? SaaS people: reply with your thoughts! :-D


    1. 1

      I'd save it for the end. But when in doubt, test both and see which performs better 🤓

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    Twitter threads for bloggers are weapons of mass destruction - which you obviously pointed out with an excellent example.

    That's exactly why I built Spread https://www.spreadtech.online/ . One of its features is to turn blogs into Twitter threads.

    Thank you for sharing all of this info. The facts and case study has made your post stand out to me a lot. Thank you.

    1. 1

      Our pleasure. Spread sounds like a cool product 🙌

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    Twitter threads have been huge for me. Another tip is to space out your tweets throughout the day so that you keeping bumping the thread back to the top of follower’s newsfeeds. Posting an entire thread at once isn’t as effective.

  5. 2

    Thanks for the shoutout!

    My 317 retweets seem so small compared to 47,000—that's awesome.

    1. 1

      Hah, yeah 47k is nuts. But 317 is respectable 💪

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