Tip: Use unusual words occasionally in your sales copy to increase conversions

Potential customers need to remember your message in order to convert, so make it easy for them. Increase sales by planting uncommon words in your sales copy.

According to one study, people were best able to recall messages when unexpected words were thrown into the mix with standard ones. It's known as the "Bizarreness Effect": Unusual and unfamiliar things are easier to remember than the commonplace. Why do we care? Assuming that you're writing your sales copy as a tool to increase conversions, you'll want users to remember your message. And it's not just your words — unusual pricing ($96.47 vs $95), quirky branding, and other oddities are worth A/B testing too. So add the occasional zany word to your copy, but make sure that it's still intelligible. And yes, SEO could suffer if you go overboard, but a few words here and there shouldn't hurt. And they'll do a better job of imparting your... communiqué.

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