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Tip: Warm your leads up on social media to increase sales

Cold leads are notoriously difficult to convert, and even your subscribers usually require multiple touches. Increase sales by forming a personal connection with them on social media before asking for anything.

Whether you're doing cold outreach or sending a new offer to your mailing list, it's important to form a relationship first. Social media is a great place to do this — look your subscribers up and follow, like, share, and comment on their content. No, this won't scale, so it's ideal for early-stage companies and those dealing with high lifetime values. Cold leads will become familiar with you and your subscribers will love the white-glove treatment. Eventually, when your email turns up in their inbox, they'll see a friend instead of a stranger trying to get their attention.

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    This is a great tip @growthbites. It is kind of like the way marketers talk about having multiple touchpoints with a lead/customer before they'd be willing to commit to your product or service.


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