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Tip: When breaking into international markets, don't assume SEO keywords are equal across languages

When localizing your site, the translation of a keyword may not be a good target for SEO. Get more traffic by targeting different keywords in different locations.

SEO keywords that you're targeting in your language of choice may not be good keywords when translated. So don't call it a day after translating your pages. Identify which pages and pieces of content really need to rank in the new regions. Then filter by country with tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to figure out whether the main keywords for each page would make for good keywords. If not, you'll have to look for synonyms and do some keyword research with the help of Google Translate. Then add the new keywords into the meta title, meta description, URL, h1 title, and body. And don't forget your hreflang tags. If you've got the resources, it's obviously a good idea to run everything by a native speaker — you can do this with services like Blend or Textbroker.

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