April 24, 2019

Tips for finding initial users

Neea @neea

My co-founder and I have a working MVP, and we are really excited to share what we have built with the world and to get some user reactions. I'm really looking for tips on how to get this product in front of people now that it is at a (somewhat) usable state.

Our app deals with showcasing and locating food trucks. Initially when we started, we naively thought the best way would be to approach the vendors and put them on a map (this is what all other apps in this category do). Turns out this approach fails miserably if the vendor doesn't want to participate, which they often do not due to lack of time, usefulness, lack of audience, they're already on FB, etc.

So we went about it a little differently and made it into a challenge to get the customers to report when they spot a food truck. Then we give the user the option to check-in which captures the location and that location then becomes visible to other users. This is our take on using crowd sourcing to solve the problem of locating mobile businesses. We believe it will work perfectly if we get people to participate. We have added gamification elements with the intent to engage the user and plan to do challenges and achievements similar to untapped to make people want to participate.

Right now our main focus is finding some initial users. We have gone to couple of local events to talk to people about our app but that has not translated to active users. This weekend we are going to a food truck festival which we believe will be a good place for finding users who share our interest. Also I have discussed my idea on reddit with anonymous random people who pretty much just crushed it out of the gate, so that was all very interesting.

What kind of tips do you have for me? My co-founder and I are real noobs at this so all help is welcome. This is our app -> gre8eats.com
FYI We currently have data for Atlanta, Augusta GA, Columbia SC as these are locations that are close to us but it is fairly easy to add data for other cities and we have plans how to expand the availability quickly if this idea gains some attraction.