Tips for writing more concise/Ruby-like vanilla Javascript?

I recently implemented Stimulus JS in our app and it's opened my eyes to some really nice, concise, snappy Javascript methods/operators that I wasn't using before. Such as:
element.hidden = true
elements.forEach( x => { console.log(x.id) } )

Whilst I adore Ruby and am probably moving more towards live-updating server-rendered HTML (i.e. Hotwire) for our main app. We run a script on customers stores which is vanilla JS. I'd love to hear any suggestions on tight modern vanilla JS. Like the methods, patterns I mentioned above.


P.S. oh and am I right in thinking there isn't a less verbose version of document.getElementById('element') or document.querySelector('element')? It just seems super long-winded for such a common line.

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    You can create a function to get elements -
    const getElement = (selection) => { const element = document.querySelector(selection); if (element) return element; throw new Error("no element selected"); };

    Then use it whenever required by calling it with the element name being the argument.
    This shortens it significantly.

    Do let me know your thoughts on this approach.

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      That looks great! I’ll be stealing that for sure 👌
      I’m not at a computer at the moment to play around with it, but I might tweak it to return null instead of an error. Just so I can use it in a truthy way too

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      That’s lovely. Super compact. Thanks for the tip

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