Tips To Increase Email Click-Through Rate

Email marketers and salespeople have to overcome a lot of hurdles in their attempt to close more deals. At times, the challenges in front of them are in the form of low email deliverability, where there is a need to follow practices that help emails hit the inboxes of the intended recipient. Or in terms of low conversion rate because of low click through rate.

Then there is the issue of low open rates. For that, the sales team has to make the subject line of the emails attractive enough for readers to open them and tweak the timing of sending the emails.

However, apart from low email deliverability and email open rates, making recipients take action and click on the links in your email after they finish reading it is a challenging task. It is called click-through rate, and more than half of the email marketing, and sales professionals are constantly worried about this metric being low.

What is the email click-through rate?
As already mentioned above, the email click-through rate is one of the most important email metrics to track which refers to the percentage of individuals who clicked on the link in the email.

There are two types of email click-through rates: TCTR (total click-through rate) and UCTR (unique click-through rate).

TCTR measures the total number of clicks a link gets, whereas UCTR measures the number of unique clicks an email link gets.

For instance, if someone opens an email on a desktop and clicks on the link followed by opening the same email on the phone and clicking the same link, the TCTR click count is two, and the UCTR click count is only one. Moreover, if a person clicks a link once in the morning and again later, it would mean 1 click to UTCR and 2 clicks to TCTR.

MORE ON- https://salesblink.io/blog/increase-email-click-through-rate

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