Tips to read more

  1. Don’t over achieve. Start low: 1 page/day minimum.
  2. Read before internet dopamine fix.
  3. Habit bunching, read with your morning coffee.
  4. Try audiobooks. (Even while working out... habit bunching).
  5. Change your attitude, self identify as a reader.
  1. 2

    I've just launched The Booketlist. Obviously, reading is something I've done as far as I can remember myself.

    What helps me read more and read frequently is:

    1. Making time for it;
    2. As you mentioned, making it a habit. I always give at least 30mins in my morning to reading, often more. I try to read at least 10 pages each day. Now, with The Booketlist that increases.

    Reading is fun!

    1. 2

      That is so true. I'll definitely check The Booketlist

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