To be or not to be (a landing page)..

Hi folks,

For my feedback question, can I add the question of whether we should even have a landing page at all?

We're trying to build (in public) a better way to read the news...

... so our homepage - and our experience - is all about today's news where you live and around the world...

... but that doesn't necessarily explain how different we really are. 🤦‍♂️

What do you folks reckon? Should we start with our mission, should we just let people get on with reading ... should we try some kind of hybrid (which, from user-testing, just confuses people!)

FWIW I wrote this story on IndieHackers yesterday because we're in this big, scary transition from a valid "mission" to validating the "product" - gives some background to my angst.

Any advice, super appreciated - thanks!

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      I agree. There are loads of news sites out there, so definitely worth highlighting why people should be interested in yours over any other.

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        Definitely option 2, as mentioned above there are lots of news sites so it's good to know and understand why this site is different and what it wants to achieve. I like the short summary at the top, it's clear, simple and stands out.

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      Great help, thanks Sonia 🙌

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