To keep users after their free trials end, offer last-minute perks based on their levels of satisfaction

Your users are at risk of churning when their free trials end. Avoid this by sending a survey asking how likely they would be to recommend your product — then use their responses to decide what kind of discount or perk might keep them interested.

The day after a user's trial ends, Mention sends an email with a run-of-the-mill survey asking, on a scale of 1 to 10, how likely they are to recommend the software to a friend. If the score is less than 6, they simply send an email thanking the user for their feedback. If the score is 6 to 8, they extend the user's free trial. And if it's 9 or 10, they offer the user a discount on upgrading to a subscription.

By sending this survey, Mention gives users who are on the fence more time to decide, while giving their bigger fans one more reason to pay — and one more reason to spread the word. This tactic worked so well for Mention, they reduced churn by half.

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