To teach myself React, I'm building a component library!


I'm a big fan of Ant d, a React component library, and I've been learning React JS recently.

To teach myself how to build pretty much any type of React component, I am going to build my very own React component library.


Is there anything I should think about or consider before going too deep into building a component library?

Or maybe you just have some feedback on how I can build a component library similar to ant.design?

Leave a comment below.

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    Yep. I would go higher level and build some templates based on Ant. That way you learn from the experts.

    By the end you have something you can use and share.

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      Sooo agree with this 👍

  2. 2

    You need a design system first

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    Awesome goal, Josh! Before you jump in, don’t go into it just to make a library.

    Think of a problem you can solve. For example, a navbar component library because usually to make one you have to combine multiple divs and flexboxes to make it work.

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