Landing Page Feedback January 17, 2021

Today I finished the landing page of my new project


In the past year I researched and tested lots of productivity techniques both for work and personal life. I wanted to share my insights, so I created Simple Productivity: a way to improve your life and productivity in new aspects every month.

I created a landing page to start building the community and to validate my idea:

My questions are:

  • how clear is the idea?
  • how convincing is the landing page?
  • why would you not subscribe?

I will be really thankful for everyone who provides feedback!
Please grab your two months of the Simple Productivity package to make up for the time that you spent reviewing my landing page!

  1. 2

    On chromium browsers, at least on my computer, I see this:

    You bury the "How" way too down the page in the Monthly box. They need to be further up and fill in some of the descriptors of your service. E.g. "We bring clarity and focus for planning your life and executing your ideas while promoting your personal development in new ways." doesn't tell me how you do it. you could continue it like so, "in new ways, by..."

    The content lazy loads even when I'm scrolling back up the page and then again if I scroll down a second time. Have it load only once.

    Productivity tools/apps are spilling out on the sidewalks. People spend too much time on productivity apps and not enough time being productive. For that reason, it's not something I'd be interested in. Not to say that others couldn't benefit from it. All the best.

    1. 1

      Thank you a lot for finding this bug and for the suggestions! I will implement them.

  2. 1

    you might want to test the site on a few different browsers and settings.. it doesn't look well on narrower width, and "New planner & tracker downloads" "DIGITAL + PRINTABLE" the 2nd text is over the first for me either way. the fade out of the features doesn't make sense, only the fade in if you fell it contributes

    you should probably allow me to just put my email on top as well inplace of linking down

    Should contact with an email link actually be there?

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot for the feedback! The responsivity has some major problems which I need to fix.

      The Sign me Up! button fits better my use case because I want visitors to see what are they getting if they subscribe, but at the same time I want to keep the header decluttered.

      1. 1

        it's for different types of people...

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