Today I Gained 100 Followers on Twitter. Here are my Lessons.

Here is my learning for growing on twitter

Engage with people whose content is the same as yours. (In your case, digital marketing, and startups):

1) Turn on notifications

Their tweets and interactions will show up in your notifications section now.

2) Reply to their tweets early

This is not going to be easy but this will really accelerate your growth.

Please don't do this all the time. Your life outside Twitter is super important.

DM people:

Provide value first and then place your ask (if you have one). You don't have to have an "ask". You can just simply provide value and and build friendships — that's fun too.

Build in public:

Building in public is all about showing your audience what happens behind the scenes when growing yourself, your twitter account, your startup, your company

  • Some effective ways I have seen people do it:

  • Sharing analytics (followers growth, engagement rate etc.)

  • Sharing MRR updates. I love these ones personally

  • Media updates (sharing your story via images or video stories)

Building in public can also happen in Twitter spaces. That's where people can find the more "raw" and "authentic" you.

Give me a follow on twitter: https://twitter.com/samyakr_

  1. 2

    Thanks for this @samyakr!

    I also started building a side project in public on Twitter a few days ago, currently only sharing progress updates and code snippets. I'm amazed by the developers community out there.

    Will definitely make use of your advice!

    p.s. I'm one of your followers ;)

    1. 1

      Hey what are you building?

      Gave you a follow too!


      1. 2

        Cool, awesome!

        I'm working on https://releasecheck.net/. It's a website/webapp that keeps track of software releases. Planning to build it out with API and tracking methods.

        It's all still very early stage. Actually launched v1 today.

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