Today I've posted my first #buildinpublic thread. Am I doing it right?


I explore the music scene and was inspired by the "BuildInPublic Twitter Inspiration Handbook" post by @romiva and published my first #buildinpublic Twitter thread.

But! I don't know if I did it right. What do you think?

btw If you love music and makes a product related to music - let's make friends :)

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    Keep em coming!

    From checking out a few other threads (if you click the # it'll show you some) it seems you can just tag the first item in the thread and people will click through to the whole thing when they see it here: https://buildinpublic.com/ or on one of the other feeds.

    edit: Lmk if you have a hypem in addition to the soundcloud!

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      wow thanks for buildinpublic.com I didn't know about it

      so you say that I don't need to tag every post in a Twitter thread with #buildinpublic? Am I right?

      1. 2

        Yep, just the first tweet per thread is my understanding!

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