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Tool for user-centric product metrics?


I'd like to create an automated report that tells me where a new user is in their journey of discovering my product. In particular, I want to easily be able to see which of the core actions a user hasn't taken yet so that I can send them a tip.

So far I've been using Segment, Google Analytics, and Amplitude but I haven't yet found a way to quickly answer this question.

Does anyone have a similar workflow? What kind of tools have you used? Did you build something custom?

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    You can do this with mixpanel with the exclude filter. I am pretty sure you should be able to do this with Amplitude too.

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      awesome, yes I think this exclude filter is what I'm looking for. I think in Amplitude this is event segmentation:

      Going to experiment with this. Thanks for the idea!

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    Mixpanel does this, just using various combinations of various events being present or absent.

    You can also do this in Intercom (pricey) or Mailchimp ($15/mo), though the Mailchimp option is new so there may not be much written about it.

    Mixpanel has a generous free tier but this feature seems to be degrading (it's now very hidden in the UI), so I would proceed with caution.

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    What are you using to send the user a message? Mixpanel has built-in messaging (in-app and email). So you can set the criteria if a user has or has not taken the action and then send them a message based off of that.

    Amplitude can do that, but it's slightly more complex as you have to integrate with a 3rd party messaging service.

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      Thanks a lot for your message. Currently I primarily use email - I use intercom for messaging on my public site. That's an interesting idea to include in-app messaging - thanks!

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    In Intercom you can create an attribute for each of your core actions and then build reports and send automatic messages based on a combination of those attributes and other parameters like "days since signup". Good luck!

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      Awesome, yes the reporting is exactly what I'd like. Thanks for sharing this!

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