Remote Workers May 25, 2020

Tool to use for connecting at work?

Reese Tran @reeseAPM

Hi Community! 👋🏼👋🏼

We're designing a free social network for coworkers, best fit to remote workers and enterprise culture (We think). However, I do really want to survey the community whether it actually what you need. So I appreciate all the answers - 🎉🎉

  • Do you (remote workers) need a tool to connect with your coworkers, relating to non-work aspects? Eg: anonymous post for concern, post to share company stories/moments or quick survey everyone.
  • What tool is your team using to communicate? and Why?
    Eg: Workplace by FB, Slack or else?

Please, drop me a line. Thank you, everyone!
P.s: Visit our sites if you're interested -

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    using slack for this. Works pretty well, don't think that we need a different platform.

    but we're techies, if slack wasn't available for free (to the point), we'd probably run our own discourse or irc server.

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    Looks interesting. I experimented with various collaborations tools and eventually found Basecamp to be helpful because I was able to keep the project and its communication within one tool. For privacy and anonymity, please do give a try.

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      Wow, BlockStack looks cool! Thanks for sharing us!
      Our idea is removing work-related features in our app (Not like any collaboration tool). Only offer non-work features so everyone find fun, relaxed and helpful when they open. But it seems like people need a collaboration tool at work (rather than) a social communication tool ^^! Will try to test out more!

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        Glad to hear. Looking forward to try Sprynkl. Best wishes!

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    Sounds cool!
    I've used Facebook Workplace for years, it was lovely! But the Image/Video upload quality was terrible.
    Today, I use Slack. Pretty hard to get used to it, but it does an excellent job.

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      Good findings! Thanks for your sharing

      We find Slack has a bit noise if you want to gather people, discussing on one particular event/milestone/story. People come and chat, so the others will be get lost on what's important or which should be focused.

      That's why we think a tool like Facebook but designed for workplace in particular could help!