Tools used to measure Open Rate and CTR for Newsletter

Few days ago, I posted a survey on newsletter performance measurement. Looks like IH community is not so eager on filling out a survey. Lets just have a discussion here. I am wondering what tools do you use to measure the open rate and CTRs for your newsletter? Google Analytics? What else?

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    I use Substack for my newsletter, and they provide all the metrics I need incl. open rate, click rate.

    In my day time role and I use MailChimp which is even more comprehensive. I only use GA for Goals metrics. @silicontech2018

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    For VimTricks, in addition to regular Open Rate and CTR from Substack, we track other metrics ourselves. I built some custom code with Ruby. It basically accepts votes from links I put at the bottom of every email with 3 options:

    👍Great trick, very useful. Thanks!
    👌I already knew this, but still helpful.
    👎Not interesting to me.

    The code records these in a database. Then we use Metabase to calculate a score and display dashboards with charts and graphs about how we're doing.

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    I didn't take your survey because I don't use any tools other than my newsletter platform's built-in analytics with the usual stuff, i.e. open rate, CTR, and so on.

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      Thanks. What platform do you use?

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