Topic Classification to Increase Twitter Engagement

Early this year I launched branding.gq as I realized there was little value in developing a product if I had no network or audience.

The idea behind the product was to help you identify your niche and start building credibility around it. At that moment, I used hashtags and word clouds.

For the last months, I've been applying NLP to give smarter metrics some of them non-available from existing competition. The first iteration consists of classifying tweets by topic to learn what type of content helps you grow faster.

Tweets by Topic

In the terminal, you can see the topic (there are about 80 of them) followed by the tweet to the left. The idea is to aggregate these stats and learn which topics are creating more engagement for your brand (personal or business).

Interestingly, the same can be applied to your follower's bio. So you can learn the composition of your audience, and tailor your content for them:

Segmented Audiences

What are your thoughts, do you think a product like this could help you be more effective with Twitter?

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