“Touchy Feely” Course (Day 345)

What these GSB (Stanford Graduate School of Business) MBAs discovered was that they had a presented image, a persona that was what they normally led with, and when they allowed themselves to be more known and seen, not only were they more compelling and appealing, and influential, but they also were freer and happier and that experience was so profound for them.

Read another thought-provoking article from the NfX.

While at work, we are constantly worrying about being judged and put on a persona that fits the job description, but the article suggests that it is more liberated to just be yourself--"from a professional point of view, people do business with people"--you'll be more comfortable being yourself and sometimes that's just what the other person feel more connected with--a real person, not a role.

Especially when doing the investor meetings, there are big consequences at stake, we want to put on our "best show". I found that nothing delivers the message (the truth) better than just being upfront, transparent, without sugarcoating in all the communications, without pretending to be a "superstar" CEO or founder, just be vulnerable and talk about both the potential rewards AND the risks.

The article also talks about the power differential vs trust. Founders and managers can be vulnerable and put more trust in their teams. I witnessed a startup with a high power differential slowly losing edges by isolating the leadership from the people in the trenches. The feedback loop was broken.

Luckily, I'm working with founders who empower their employees to make important decisions; and building such an autonomous team reduces lots of overheads and unnecessary meeting times. Speed is everything in the crypto world! Nobody's perfect, everybody makes mistakes. Make them early and correct them quickly, rather than overthinking. Perhaps that's the true "test in prod" spirit! Go Buidlers!

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