TransAcoustic (Day 541)

Time for the weekend guitar talk again.

In the world of guitars, people are pursuing the vintage--1959 Les Pauls, 1961 Les Paul SG, 1950s Fender, etc. There are even remakes of the "aged" versions where the manufacturers made the guitars look used and damaged like the ripped jeans in fashion???

So I was pretty surprised to discover new technology for (acoustic) guitars.

It actually happened a while ago, probably back in 2019, when I Google'd it and found it in the news.

Since the Tammany incident, I've been searching for a new acoustic guitar. And as I compared the Tammany to my Yamaha guitar, I was browsing Yamaha acoustic guitars when I stumbled upon the TransAcoustic series.

So what is the "TransAcoustic"? It is a technology that allows acoustic guitars to add reverb and chorus effects without using an amplifier! The technology, as the official TransAcoustic site describes:

An actuator installed on the inner surface of the guitar back vibrates in response to the vibrations of the strings. The vibrations of the actuator are then conveyed to the body of the guitar and to the air in and around the guitar body, generating authentic reverb and chorus sounds from inside the body.

The video demo was nice, but it's hard to "trust" it as you can produce any sound effects afterward. But according to product reviews, it sounds like the effects are quite impressive. So it's very tempting to give it a try. If it is as good as it advertises, this really could be a technology revolution that finally happened to (acoustic) guitars.

Image credit: https://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical_instruments/guitars_basses/ac_guitars/ta_series/

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