Ideas and Validation February 18, 2020

Transcribe Podcasts to text, powered by AI

Arul @chinnu

Would you use a service to transcribe a podcast to text, which is powered by artificial intelligence?

The text can be used as a blog post or for enhancing SEO, etc...

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    Love the idea, I would expect podcast platforms to want this tech

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      Glad you liked the idea.

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    That is actually a great idea! I currently use a service called scribie that also enables me to export it into Premiere Pro pretty easy for a one-stop podcast, YouTube, blog-helper.

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      Thank you for your insights.

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    Yes. I use Descript right now. Their software is amazing. It costs 10-14$ per month. There is still room in this growing market - I believe.

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      Thank you. Descript looks promising.

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    Pretty awesome idea!

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      Glad you liked it. Thanks.

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    I don't podcast, but I use a paid screencasting tool ( ) that includes this as a feature, and it's GREAT! :D I don't always record with a script, and it's really nice to be able to add transcripts to YouTube, create a blog post with a transcript, etc.

    It's definitely not perfect and I manually go in and edit the transcripts, but that's okay with me, it's less time than having to listen back through the whole thing and type up the transcript manually.

    And FWIW, as someone who uses this feature I don't care about "AI", I care about "automatic". The AI isn't the benefit. Not having to do the transcript myself is the benefit.

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      Thank you for your insights. Making minor edits is far better than to have doing the transcript again. And yes, automatic is what matters and AI enables it.

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    In theory this is a good idea, but the problem is execution.

    Even the most accurate ML models currently won't be able to obtain 100% accuracy transcribing text. So you would have to have a human verify and make final corrections.

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      Agreed. But I thought you can have something to start with.

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    Which languages are you talking about?

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      English, French and German to start with and expand in due course.