🧱 Trends #0033 — No-Code

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    Being in this space, would love to see https://siteoly.com on your nocode Trends ##0033 email.

    But I can understand you have too many tools to cover and hopefully Siteoly will be there on your list one day 👍👍

    You have been doing great job!!

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      Thanks for checking it out. Siteoly looks great.

      Any thoughts on when we'll see user auth for Product Hunt style templates?

      Thinking of players in the 'sheet to site' space and don't think I've seen auth.

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        Auth is already in place. It works with Firebase Auth. We are piloting this with one customer.

        What is already in place
        Auth is already in place. It runs purely on customer's Firebase and Siteoly will have no access to user database. No worries on privacy.

        You have to configure Auth with two inputs.

        • Firebase API Key
        • After how many seconds should you ask user to Signin/Signup to access the site

        Probably will post a small video on another post this week on the same. Also, I will try to update the help docs as well

        What is not in place:
        Auth + Voting system

        I can hook up a Voting system easily without Auth but you know very well that can be scammed.

        I am planning on building a proper one that records votes + emails and that can let people vote only after login.

        While I have built a small POC around this, I am still waiting for a few customers to try this. But before that I am concentrating on other areas like updating app to a modern UI and providing embed scripts so that users can embed Siteoly cards on other sites. Here is a quick look on some of the readymade cards by Siteoly - https://content.siteoly.com/card-designs

        As we have been taking about "sheet to site" space, on a side note - I recently made a post about it https://medium.com/@upen946/why-i-built-sheet2site-alternative-4e1b96b5ef38

        So, well, ya, so much happening here at Siteoly. But, yes, receiving a comment from you on Siteoly means alot to me!!

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          Thanks for the update. Think this will be a game changer. Especially Auth + Voting

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    Hey @dru_riley got my email this morning and loved it. I'm all for no-code and built the last couple of projects using no-code tools. It's great to see this space getting more attention.

    My latest productized service - Submit Juice was built using Webflow, Airtable and Zapier.

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      Submit Juice looks like it saves a lot of time. Thanks for sharing Jaisal

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    Nice report. I'm on road to develop Formito.com into an App builder instead of being a chatbot builder or a form builder. It takes time, but I hope to get there in 2-3 months.

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      'Powered By Formito'

      Nice viral hook Hossein :)

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    You're prolific, Dru! Another 🔥 excellent edition.

    This one is particularly pertinent to me right now. No code has allowed a "non-technical" person like me to build a functional app that centralizes accurate data and (hopefully) saves people a lot of time. Not only that, but I enjoy the visual design approach with Bubble and it serves as a channel for creativity - something I realize I was missing dearly. As you said, no-code is democratizing leverage.

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    Man no-code really is the future. I used Bubble to build my site https://wachdit.com, I've been able to iterate and pivot way quicker at the fraction at the cost. Its weird I find other designers don't know much about no-code.

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    Read the report. So much work went into it . I am saving that once for the library.

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    If you're open for requests, I'd love to read a follow-up regarding "low-code". Stuff like NextJS, Gatsby, Hasura, Prisma and Netlify.

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      This is a great idea. Thanks!

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      Agreed. In the low-code space as well and would love to see how others define it and navigate their development. Feels like low-code is an attempt to get the 80/20 rule closer 95/5 - but also runs the risk of not being 'simple' enough for the initial 80.

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    There is honestly no one better positioned to write this report than Dru. Proud of you for getting 33 out the door and with such amazing quality!

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      With so much happening. Had to revisit no-code. Thanks Vik!

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    Excellent report, learned quite a few new things about no-code. (again!)

    My favorite statement was this: "Using no-code will be a competitive advantage. Saving time, money and energy. Allowing you to build (and change) faster and cheaper than competitors."

    Refreshing to hear this knowing you are a developer yourself :)

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      That statement has so many implications. Don't think people realize what that means yet. You can build a fund on that single thesis.

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    More fire!! Great report

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    This is going in my hall of fame 🖼

    Feels like one of those reports you refer to again and again. Thanks for covering and getting insight from so many in the no-code space!! Another reason these are such high quality ⭐️

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      And thanks for your insights and feedback. Our conversation helped a lot.

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    Such an important piece in the tech world today - it's almost impossible to ignore.

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      Agreed. It doesn't work for every problem (yet) but it's moving fast.

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        Yes it is. I love seeing its ongoing growth! 😄

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    • What's the difference between a site builder and a no-code builder?
    • Is Wordpress a no-code tool?
    • I can foresee a future where developers make money selling no-code plugins like they do with Wordpress plugins, which is quite ironic.
    • How can entrepreneurs make good money for more than a couple of years using no-code tools, if any successful product is easy to duplicate? If there is money to make, competitors will be breathing down a no-code founder's neck, with lower prices, within weeks.
    • We all have access to Google Sheets or Zapier. How can no-code products gain a lasting competitive advantage besides first mover?
    • If you think you have seen too many apps on Google Play, wait until building no-code apps becomes popular with kids.
    • Who is making money teaching kids to build no-code apps? That's a huge market and kids live online these days.
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    Another great report Dru! Really cool to see all the products people are creating using no-code.

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    What an amazing report Dru! I believe this is your second take on no-code. I remember the first one filled with insights. But this is a packed edition with some solid takeaways!

    Loved the opportunities section and got inspired by so many products. Learned many new things even though I consider my self a veteran in the space.

    PS: You killed it in the haters section. Again!

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    I want to go the opposite way and build tools for code and for developers. I wonder Is it unwise?

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    Super interesting article. I also think that the no-code will remove a lot of the CRUD jobs. I think atm I miss the tools I own. They are all SaaS Businesses and I have no ownership which is too risky for me.
    We are working on an open-source Package to put Workflows with Drag & Drop onto your Laravel application. https://github.com/42coders/workflows
    I think this bridge between "no-code" and real code is something that will become quite popular.

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    Are you in no-code only, or do you accept low-code, its pragmatic small (or big) brother ?

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      Think it's a great idea. Both are about abstraction. @Pandabob made a similar point

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