Self Care March 26, 2020

Trent Reznor just released two free albums: Ghosts V-VI

Benjamin @c0nsilience

While we are all self-isolating, here are two free instrumental albums that make for great background tunes while you're knuckling down at the computer. They've certainly lifted my spirits a bit in a way that only music can! Enjoy!

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    Very trance-like, definitely good for getting out of your own head and getting fingers on keys.

    One of my favourite, lesser known, NIN songs is Perfect Drug from the Lost Highway soundtrack, circa 1997.

    I saw them in concert in 2008, a very awesome show.

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      Absolutely! Perfect Drug is great! 2008, so that was the Lights In The Sky tour? Yeah, man, those were great shows! Last time I caught them was in 2013 with Pino Palladino playing bass. It was a lot heavier (think Broken era) than when I had seen them in the past.