Tried The Green Juice Experiment, Here's How It Went!🥦

Have you ever tried green juice that health freaks talk about? 🥤

I have certain health conditions that make my bones weaker, so I stay very careful about my habits. In November 2020, I started consulting a professional nutritionist to improve my diet. He suggested me to drink green powder with water (aka green juice). At first, I was all about the fitness so I bought the packet home and drank it head on! My first reaction was horrible. I just couldn't imagine why someone would put something like that inside their body! 🤢

In spite that, I knew I had to drink it consistently to improve my condition. First few weeks were tough and it's been several months now. I won't lie to you guys, I still don't like it. But, after seeing it's benefits on my body first hand, I know it's good and have gotten used to it by closing my nose while drinking it.

Here are some of the good effects that I have noticed myself -

  • More energy in the mornings, the detox effect is REAL!
  • Mental peace of eating healthy diet
  • Saves me money since I avoid junk food after drinking it haha!
  • Helped me with weight loss
  • Biggest out of all, my stamina to do work feels higher that before!

Bottom line, I would say that if something is healthy for you and you don't like it, just do it anyways. Because, only when your health is on point, you can succeed at your hustle! 💯


Now that you know the benefits of trying this healthy option out, would you give it a try? I would encourage you guys to take it up as a personal challenge for 1 week and to share your results on this post! 👐

If you have tried this before, how was your experience? Eager to read your experience too! Let me know your answers in the comments! 👇

Siddhita ❤️

P.S I share my thoughts and knowledge on productivity+self+improvement every week, so if you would stay updated with me, make sure to connect with me on my profile! ❤️

In case you want to know which green powder I have been using, here's the amazon link to the product. It's on the Indian store but any alternative with highest reviews would do good!*

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    Vegan here 🙋‍♀️I'm already on the green side. You can easily make it yourself. Experiment a bit with what you like. Might make it easier to be consistent with it.

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