Try Out This Perfect Formula To Get Better Sleep At Night! 😴

Hey everyone,

Has it ever happened you wake up in the morning feel drained and exhausted?
Surely used to happen with me a lot!

tired wake up

In the early days of my entrepreneurial journey, I would keep working into late midnight hours, constantly consuming coffee. This brought me dangerously close to burning out myself. I realized that if I didn't get my sleep right, it would harm me incredibly.

As a founder, it is your job to ensure that you take good care of yourself. That's why you need to get a good night's sleep so you can rise and hustle in the morning!

Because without that, none of your product development, market research and all that matters. make this easy

To fix this issue, I googled up bunch of sleeping tips that would help me get out of the rut. There was one particular rule that caught my eye and that has helped me over the last two years.

The 10-3-2-1-0 Formula

  • No consumption of caffeine - 10 hours before your sleep
  • No food/alcohol - 3 hours before you sleep
  • Don't do any work - 2 hours before you sleep
  • Turn your phone away - 1 hour before your sleep
  • The number of times you press snooze button in morning should be 0

That's it. Look's simple but tough to implement.
I would highly suggest you to take up this as a challenge for one week and tell me how you feel!

Do you do something different that works for you to get a good night's sleep? Let's discuss it in the comments below! 👇

Siddhita ❤️

P.S You should definitely listen to podcasts before sleeping. It does wonders! If you want to try this out, I found this useful list of 10 best podcasts to help you fall asleep! Make sure to check it out :)

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    My personal challenge is not knowledge but habit formation.

    Has anyone found a fool-proof way to actually execute the above?

    1. 1

      Any habit can be split into 2 parts 1) starting a habit and 2) keep continuing it.

      1. Starting a habit: you need to remove all possible friction to start a habit easily. Make it as easy as possible to start. For example, to become fit many people would decide "wake up early and go for a run". Here, waking up early is an additional friction, so, if it's not working for you why not run but at the time you find it most comfortable like evening.

      2. Continuing a habit: one of 2 things will happen here, either your motivation would increase or decrease over time. To maintain a habit, motivation must increase everytime you perform a habit, otherwise why would you feel like continuing it. Think how can you keep yourself motivated? Motivation depends from person to person. Maybe reward something yourself everytime you perform a habit, or, if you're like me do it the snapchat way i.e. keep a streak of how long have you been performing it. longer the streak gets, more difficult it is to break. Happy to hear others thoughts on this :)

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    One thing that really worked for me was fiction audiobooks. I've started with podcasts but after some, I got tired of them. then I've switched to fiction audiobooks. I started with my childhood favourite harry potter, after finishing all the 8 books, I went with Sherlock Homles, and now I am searching for another interesting book to fall asleep to.

    remember how our moms and dads put us to sleep telling stories. this is the exact same thing. it really does work wonders.

    Have a nice sleep.

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    A racing mind is terrible for sleep. Doesn't matter if it's from social media, work, anxiety, or an unexpected 4am brainstorm session. If you're wired, you won't sleep. @siddhitaupare, these are great tips for cultivating calm. I'd add exercise to that list too. Tire the body and the mind will follow.

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    I'll add earplugs! They helped me a lot to sleep better.

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    Sleep is a very important topic. I am currently reading "Why We Sleep" by Matthew Walker and can highly recommend the book. An interesting thought from the book is that nowadays sleeping less is seen as being a disciplined and an efficient person ("having more time awake to do things"). As such an idea becomes ever more prevalent, it actually emerges that the opposite is true: in a world where little sleep is the norm, people with high drive / discipline actually would be those that take and make the time to sleep the sufficiently.

    Interesting formula. I think I live by it fairly well, except for the 10 hours of no caffeine and no snoozes.

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    Navly sleep headphones have been v. helpful for me - it's a headband with bluetooth padded earbuds in so you can sleep on your side whilst listening to podcasts or books. I also use player FM's timed switch off function

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    I've found these two to be extremely good for me:

    1. Turn off your phone 1 hour before going to sleep (you can do this automatically using iPhone and prob using Android as well). No notifications and do not look at the screen.
    2. Reading a book for an hour.
    3. Don't have any annoying lights in your bedroom like a TV's power-off light or a computer or anything else like that.

    I have been struggling lately with snoozing in the morning. I snooze once and I have to get out of that habit. Have any good tips on that @siddhitaupare :)

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    I did some research on this sometime back, wanted to know if there is such a thing as optimal sleep and what would it look like.

    Human body has a circadian rhythm (internal clock). After sunset Melatonin is secreted which tells the body it is time to sleep, it stops when sun rises.

    Phones have blue light which perhaps affects melatonin (so I've read, I could be wrong) which makes the body think it is day time and you don't feel sleepy.

    Perhaps the same thing happens with caffeine.

    One way to overcome this is to turn auto night mode on all your displays, that way melatonin isn't affected.

    Another thing is REM cycle. If you wake up when you're in deep sleep, you'll feel groggy and tired, but there are brief awakenings...if you time to wake up at that time you'll feel energetic and excited to work.

    Tried this for 3-4 months, slept at 10 and woke up at 4 so I'm pretty sure this is a reasonable assumption to have.

    You can use https://sleepyti.me/ to decide what time to wake up.

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    I feel fortunate that sleep is never something that I struggled with.
    The instant my head hits the pillow - I am out.

    I will take the turn your phone away point though. Often times I end up staying up later than I should b/c I am trying to do some last minute things on my phone.

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    Great advice. It took me a while to master my coffee consumption. When I started working, I thought it was normal to drink 20 cups a day 😳🤪

    Which part of the formula was the hardest for you to implement?

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    Great tips! The sequence 10-3-2-1-0 seems to be easy to remember. For me not drinking coffee 10 hours before going to bed is the toughest thing on the list 😅 Thanks for sharing :)

  12. 1

    Okay, let's try this.

  13. 1

    great suggestions! ;-)

  14. 1

    That's insightful, thanks a lot!

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