Trying out Carrd + Gumroad + Airtable

Today I launched a project called 31Made. A database of California based businesses founded on Instagram. I had spent majority of my time building the database on Notion but didn't know what the best approach was with deployment. Thanks to a few bookmarks on my Twitter account I found the stack that worked for me: Airtable, Gumroad, and Carrd. I hadn't used these three products so it was something new for me. Here is an overview of my experience using each one.

I had heard about Carrd on Twitter, decided to try it out and ended up signing up for the $19/year subscription. My only experience with a drag and drop website builder has been with Wix. What I liked the most about Carrd was being able to quickly select a template to get started. I didn't want to spend too much time building my site from scratch and I was able to find something that suited me. The drag and drop wasn't as fun and intuitive as Wix but still got the job done. In regards to pricing, Carrd hands down is the better option budget wise. I'm looking forward to creating more sites and using their premium features so for now I may stick with Carrd instead of Wix.

Airtable had an easy sign up process and I was quickly able to export my Notion database to a CSV file and upload it to Airtable. I noticed they had put me on a 14 day trial for their pro version so I immediately cancelled that because I don't see myself using an upgraded version (as of now). I haven't fully dived into Airtable but I'm sure I'll become much more familiar as I build the database. Not to mention the endless resources available online. Gumroad is a site I've purchased products from but never sold anything on there. It was really easy to switch from consumer to seller. Initially I had selected my product to be a membership model but later changed my mind to be a one time price. I wasn't able to switch the pricing so I had to create a new product and copy paste all the written material over. Once I was up and running on Gumroad I embedded a purchase button on my site and launched! I'm truly amazed by how quickly we can build and launch things today. Overall, these three sites make building and releasing a product really fast and easy. Thanks for reading!

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