Trying to build a travel community

Hi guys,

My name is Devin. My friends and I started working on building a travel community on our platform called Loopit(https://loopit.dev/). Simply put, we want to build a pinterest for tripadvisor where people can easily find travel inspirations and quickly curate a personalized itinerary. Users can see how other people spend their day exploring an area; what scenic spots do people visit, what are some popular tourist attractions, or what hidden gems people might have missed. We also integrated a itinerary planning interface so that the travel searching and planning process can be streamlined.

After hundreds of interviews and several sprint sessions, we finally have our MVP live on the APP store (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1580599572)!! It is now only available to the USA region due to our reverse geocoding limitations. Try it out and maybe you'll find some interesting places to visit for the long weekend!

So far we are having some hard time with approaching online travel groups and growth in general but we haven't tried paid customer acquisition methods yet. We are looking for feedback and suggestions. Thanks in advance for any help!!

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    Wao..this is really interesting. I wish we have a travel community here in India like this

    All the best

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      Thank you, Nidhi, for your kind comment! We'll definitely work toward making it available in more regions!

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    • Apply for the affiliate programs of all the major travel companies (expedia, etc) and then setup conversations with their affiliate managers to ask them how to promote. They'll at least have examples for you.
    • Physically walk in to the tourist centers at national parks or whatnot around you and ask them if theres anywhere you can put some promotional material (like a business card or 5x7 postcard) about your business. Connect with the people running these places on a human level, and ask their advice, listen, and be extremely thankful. They might be enamored that a young techy local kid is doing this and may have other ideas or know other people in the georgia area that can help out.
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      Thanks for the suggestions John! We'll try incorporate them into our strategies!

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