Trying to grow on Twitter?

Hey folks,

I'm trying to understand the struggles around coming up with ideas and staying consistent on Twitter.

If you're trying to make progress, I'd love it if you could help me by answering this short survey:


Thanks a bunch!

  1. 3

    I think you didn't make your form public.

    1. 1

      yep, @shavin47 didn't make it public

  2. 1

    I completed the form, looking forward to hearing more about your idea. I’m actively working on building in public. Definitely consistency is something I’m not great with so curious to hear more about howIdea Bakery would solve these issues

    1. 1

      Hi Miguel, would love to speak to you personally. I'll reach out through the email you left on the form.

      1. 1

        looking forward to it, I'll be happy to connect with you.

  3. 1

    @artur124 @TomGrigory thanks guys, I've updated it and made it public. Sorry about that!

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