TurboNav Launched, Next up Marketing

Hi there, it's been a while I've shared my updates here. I'm looking forward to picking it back up!

So here we go!

What's been up?

For the last few weeks, I've been working on TurboNav soft-launch. It went and passed. Now the real challenge, growing TurboNav with two goals in mind:

  1. Getting user feedback
  2. Get traction/momentum to eventually offer pro features

What went well?

I brainstormed a roadmap for Pro features. Currently, identify which are must-haves. The product vision I've kept in mind is exciting. I wrote about that here: https://trialanderr.com/blog/turbonav-vision

What I plan to do this week:

I have an MVP extension product, I can /save and /schedule tabs. Recently I released the ability to name windows to create boundaries for tabs you're actively working on.

Now it's time to start marketing this. Sharing with others what I've built and start collecting feedback.

My goal is to share in public places like IH, Reddit, Discord, Slack communities and reach 100 users.

I'll be sharing daily updates on Twitter: https://twitter.com/howdy_miguel
See you next week!

  1. 1

    It would be great if you would add a couple of words about your product. Cheers!

    1. 1

      nice catch! you can see I'm a newbie haha. I'll share a few words about my product here:

      TurboNav is a command-line experience for your browser, with the goal to help you manage tabs quicker. It helps you quickly organize saved links and schedule tabs for later. Just with a few keystrokes

      1. 1

        This is helpful, thanks!

        1. 1

          absolutely! glad it helped.

          btw, if this is an extension that could help you. I would love it if you could give it a shot and let me know your experience. I'm working with users to gather feedback and understand what features I should develop next to build a great tab manager

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