Tweet & Follower Management Demo Completed

For the last few months a draconian lockdown here in Scotland has made it really difficult to make progress on twitMate. My kids' school has been closed so we're homeschooling 2 kids full-time and I have less than an hour a day for all my work.

Despite this, I have completed the scripts and algorithms for auto Tweeting and Follower Management. It feels great to get something done, no matter how small, at this time.

Yesterday, I set it running on Big Toe's Twitter page so you can see it in action.

I won't spend any time on this Twitter page manually from now on - twitMate will do it all for me.

As a starting point I have 765 followers.

I am hoping for gradual, sustainable follower growth along with daily tweets.

If you look back past yesterday in the feed you'll see that when I did Twitter manually I managed to Tweet about once every 3 months and saw no follower growth at all.


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