Tweetastic📈 - twitter analytics. Idea and implementation feedback

Hey! I am building this little app which is an alternative to native twitter analytics and offers nice configurable digests to your email inbox and telegram bot with the most important statistics. Without me explaining to much I would be glad for any feedback, and would of course be glad to comment on your product in return:


If you'd want to see how it looks when your statistics are being gathered for some time already :


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    I'm going to lead this feedback off with the fact that my Twitter account only has a few hundred followers, so take my feedback with a grain of salt 😁

    Looking at your demo, I'm wondering if the dashboard is burying the lede. If I wanted to grow my Twitter account, I'd want feedback on what's working: what Tweets are gaining traction? Which interactions get my profile the most engagements? This stuff is towards the bottom of the dashboard, but is potentially more interesting. The default Twitter analytics seem to confirm that line of thinking - they do have graphs at the top, but they're tiny sparklines-style graphs. The bulk of the space above the fold is dedicated to which Tweets got interactions.

    Are there other insights that the app could give? Do my Tweets with media/links get more engagements than Tweets without media? Do Tweets at a certain time of the day perform better? How about threads? How about Tweets that @-mention people?

    The Twitter analytics page doesn't seem to provide much, so I have no doubt that there's room to innovate here.

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      Very good and helpful feedback actually! I will have a round of thoughts to see how I can improve the insights feature of the app 🙌🏼

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