Building in Public January 15, 2021

Tweets vs running thread for building in public on Twitter

Paolo Amoroso @PaoloAmoroso

Is it better to post indivudual tweets or a running thread for building in public on Twitter? What are the advantages and use cases of each approach?

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    Have you considered using Fleets? They can very well be text-based and don't have to be pics, and I feel like they're perfect for building in public. In my experience they also lead to interesting DM conversations.

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      Just checking out Fleet now, nice one. I use Instagram more often and the Story feature (similar to Fleet) is easier to check out updates

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      Fleets are still new and I haven't tried them for anything yet.

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    I don't get much traction in both with the current followers count(~30). I'm not good at it either and not trying hard. So I can't answer this as an author but consumer.

    Anyways the ones that popped in my feed. From my perspective there is one drawback on threads spread to days. It always comes with the first tweet so it becomes repetitive and I have a tendency to ignore and scroll through.

    It's harder to navigate like if I wanted to read the latest two updates I need to click IDK how many times. Going over the same tweets several times may give more impressions and may work better for twitter algo.

    Frankly I unfollowed one or two people for that reason, subject wasn't interesting for me enough and it was on my timeline everyday occupying unnecessary space.

    Having an instant thread is not the same tho, I can read all through, know what's going on from top to bottom and we are done.

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    I’m also interested in the answer to this question.

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      Thanks, I hope those who do it will chime in to share their experience.

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    If it's a small update, I'd usually make bullet points and 1 tweet. If I've more best practices to share or the BIP requires more words to describe, I'd use a short tread.

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      Thanks, this is the best of both worlds.

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    I’m more interested in a single tweet than a months or years long thread. With a thread it just feels like the last tweet is just something else that’s been thrown on huge pile of stuff, which makes it feel less significant. An unconnected single tweet has the same weight/importance each time.

    I post single tweets myself (if possible with gif capture) and have a pinned tweet with a recent update of the product I’m working on.

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      I agree, as a user I think Twitter threads have terrible usability.

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    Threads with Hypefury

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    I don’t have yet much engagement.

    For now none of the two have brought significant results.

    I have a better return (more
    views, more likes, some retweet) with comments to relevant influencers.

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      Thanks, this matches my experience.

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    from what I saw on people that do it with threads, their first tweet from the thread gets a good amount of engagement but the next ones way less

    I'm talking about account with 10k follower getting only 5-15 likes on their posts

    I can't really tell if their tweets would perform better but every tweet they post gets over 20 likes(by a lot)

    anyway rn I'm learning in public and plan on building in public too and I plan on posting individual tweets

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      Maybe that works with large followings.

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