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I was working on twitter accounts directory and launched the beta version today and looking to have some feedback before launching to the product hunt website. I have previously launched two more social media directories on the product hunt without prior launching in here and haven't got more traction from users, so this time I want to share my project here first and improve the site as per your feedback then will launch to the product hunt.

Here is the link to twitter directory : https://threej.in/tw

Have a look at the directory and let me know what you think about it, thanks in advance.

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    I really like the concept. I know it is always hard for me to find the twitter accounts for a given topic. I would suggest to use less bold in the UI. Especially around the Similar accounts section.

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      Thanks @edjeffed, This was my primary goal for building this directory and all this started from telegram when I saw that it is very difficult to find quality contents on telegram. So I decided to create directories for different social media platforms. Currently three directories are live namely telegram , youtube and twitter directories.

      And yeah I will modify the bold text to somewhat normal width, thanks for your suggestion.

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    Amazing man! This would be one great tool that would be used by users in diff niche. I can't select the location as of now, hope you guys are working on it now.
    Another thing it would be good if there is a filter option something like >1000 followers like that

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      Yes I haven't worked on the location filter as of now because twitter API do not provide the correct location It just returns what users have written on their profile and users can write anything they like It is not necessary that the place really exists So in-short it will be going hard for me to implement this feature

      Regarding range filters it is already in my mind and I will implement it once the directory has enough accounts to see the filter result.

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    Hi Jitendra - thanks for sharing and congrats for building ! 👏🏽

    Thoughts. For me, value from curated directories/lists/etc comes from content discovery and saving time. So, you know, I go to a curated list that aligns with my interests and BAM I save hours of time in searching for high quality stuff myself.

    Curation by Niche

    The curation by niche is really important (based on what I said above), but in UI terms it's buried away. Specifically, the landing page is just popular Twitter accounts, which doesn't scream curation, and the option to segment by niche doesn't jump out at me. I initially thought you'd forgot to add it in.

    Two suggestions:

    (1) I would focus on a specific niche that's likely to get the interest of the types of folks on ProductHunt (e.g., Indie Hackers, startups interested in growth) and have curation as your landing.

    (2) Consider taking the Niche category out of the table and have that option somewhere else where it's more obvious.

    Selected channels

    I would also think about having the twitter bios included for the curated channels, because at the moment, it's difficult for me to see why a particular channel would be of interest to me beyond the broad niche you've popped it in. In other words, it's not the names and pictures that always hook me in (especially when they're small), it's the bio.

    It might also be a good idea to go really tight for launch. In other words, have your particular segment you want to target, e.g., indie hackers. Then have around 5 niches that they're super pumped about, e.g., growth, idea generation, etc., Then for each niche have around ten curated thought leaders on Twitter. Then for each of those selections, don't have them as a line in a table, but have them as a card that includes name, profile pic, bio, pinned tweet, etc.,

    The above strategy gives folks more of a reason to stick around on the site.

    Good luck with the launch! 😀

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      Hey explorerKas, thank you for your wishes and this great in-detail comment this really means a lot for me.

      I agree that UI is not a thing for me cause I am a kind of back-end guy, who mainly focuses on the back-end stuff. But after reading your comment I got the idea where I was lacking, thank you for pointing me into the right direction. I am going to modify the directory as per your suggestion by today itself.

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        Great! Look forward to seeing what you come up with! ✨

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