Twitter app developer's don't make this silly mistake

As I stated in my previous post, I was working on to create a twitter bot which will "quote retweet" the job offers on twitter.

After successfully testing the api endpoints in postman I implemented the code in my project and uploaded to the server. As I wanted to test the limit of that endpoint I set the retweets to max allowed limit. i.e 10 quote retweets every 5 min.

Mistake I made

In the quote I started tagging the author of original tweet. Because at that time I wasn't aware that this behavior is against twitter rules and considered as spam. So as you can predict twitter limited my app within the first hour but I not received any email from them about this action.

After further investigation I got to know from developer console that my app was limited by twitter, on the same place their was the link to contact twitter support. Using that link I contacted the twitter support team and explained my situation to them and after two follow up emails they have released my app from limitations.

Purpose of this post is to make beginner's like me aware of this mistake so they don't repeat it.

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