Twitter November 6, 2020

Twitter header photo show-off

Bruno Raljic @brunor

Hi, I'm in search of creative twitter headers. No, I'm not Victor (@Akcium), in case you're wondering, I'm just using his recent header image as an example in which direction I want this thread to go. 😅

I would like to change mine. My current one is kinda boring and I would like to steal a bit of your ideas.

It would be nice to write a sentence or two as a reason why you picked your current image. And a profile link so you don't have to upload screenshots.

For example:

I put laptop and notebook to represent I'm writing from time to time, and used header image to put the url of my blog. Added general terms what to expect if following

    1. 1

      You already have picture here, maybe extend it with a background story :P

      1. 2

        Well, I had a random background image. I saw that many popular guys had something meaningful.

        Plus, it's possible to use the image as a description, like a part of the bio.

        So I asked a designer, which is my friend, to think about something, and here it goes.

        To be honest, I'm not sure (!) if it increases conversions much, I cannot tell you that I started getting more followers or something, but still, in a common-sense it's better to put something meaningful there, instead of the random background.

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    Oh, I've written about Twitter header photos and how to optimize them.

    I use it as an advert to position my product and basically entice people to click on my URL in my profile, thus treating my Twitter profile into a mega-funnel that puts my Twitter profile visitors into my sales funnel.

    Here's my profile:
    And my profile header:

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      is there any way to say whether the banner pic drove more clicks or not?

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    I've gone for the minimalist look 😅 - it matches the colour from the top of my photo.

    My inspiration:

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      that's really minimal :D

  3. 2

    Not a big fan of information-filled header images. I always use just a simple picture.

  4. 1

    Just a lazy egg yolk (called Gudetama)🥚🍳 that matches the color of my profile pic

    1. 1

      interesting enough :)

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    Google is one of my major interests and the focus of my creative work. So it was a no brainer add set as the cover of my Twitter profile an unusual photo of a Google logo with the characters lit by colored lights.

    I took the photo at a Google event. I'm using the same photo for consistently branding all my websites and social profiles.

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    I am using my newsletter text logo.
    Because I want them to know that I am related to it.

    In fact I also use the image when posting about the newsletter on IH.

    1. 1

      It's always good thing to have single visual everywhere, especially in the newsletter. People may open it after a while and ask - who is this guy? This way can help preventing those moments

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