Twitter January

I've noticed the gray bars on my twitter analytics.


Currently I'm averaging 200 impressions in the days that I don't tweet. :) Keep that in mind it's a number's game. The day I had 14 tweets, I had 485 impressions and the day with 8 tweets brought 562 impressions.

It's cumulative rather granular. So don't hold back, engage if you want to grow.

Share your stats if you like, it's a fun to look at other's and have an opinion about what's going on.

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    My stats are a bit skewed by a single RT from an account with a lot of followers, but overall I'm happy with the growth from last month when my account was essentially dead.
    Twitter analytics for Jan 2020 @simpixelated

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      Couldn't find the RT but glad it worked for you and I'm a bit jealous now since your Lego account doing better than me. :)

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        Here's the quote tweet that got 30K impressions: https://twitter.com/ramit/status/1354557550532804610.

        My LEGO account is a perfect example of what consistent tweets can do for you. Check the gray bars: twitter stats

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          Thanks for the insights. Literally that seems to be the key. Also thank you for taking time to find the retweet.

          ps. That hover effect on your site's navbar made me smile.

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    Very nice, looks like your getting pretty active. This is something I struggle with, being more of a creator than a talker, it's hard to keep it active while in crunch mode. Here's the stats on our WebCull twitter https://i.imgur.com/KV3pDJ5.png

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      There is a nice spike over there and I can relate it's harder for me to write on business profiles.

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        Yeah that was a pretty good day too (users registration wise)

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    I had one good Tweet which got me 880 impressions. The whole thread accounted for around 20% of my total impressions that month!


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