Twitter lists for developers

I've recently discovered the use of Twitter lists and decided to create some useful ones for devs.

If you think someone is missing in a list (or you have an idea for another cool list), please comment :)

DevNews - A list with mostly official technology accounts. You'd be surprised, how often you can find real gems in their timelines!

Bonus point: There may occur occasional job offers from these accounts even before accounts from the DevJobs list retweet them

DevJobs - A list with Twitter accounts which tweet jobs all day long. You'll find something for freelancing and company positions here.

DevConfs - All the major development conference accounts in one place.

AI/ML/NLP - No surprises here. If you're interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning, or natural language processing, you will love this list.

React.js - Thought leaders and people deeply involved in React.js development itself.

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