Twitter OAuth 2.0 Beta

Twitter announced this afternoon they're releasing a publicly available beta for their new OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol with fine-grained permission scopes. The all-or-nothing approach of their 1.0a OAuth was a big gripe within the Twitter dev community so this is a major step. We were actually just talking about this pain point near the bottom of our post this morning.

If you're a developer and it makes sense for your app, be sure to check out their forum post and apply for the beta. We just got accepted and we're going to be converting Cohoist Autopilot to OAuth 2.0 as soon as Twitter has all the endpoints ready for production. Better control of the permission scopes will help shrink the list of required permissions when an app is authorized, which is great news for everyone!

If you're not familiar with what we're talking about, OAuth 2.0 will basically let you pick and choose the permissions you need on authorization screens like this, instead of requiring all the permissions in the red box - which is what 1.0a requires:
Authorization Permissions

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