Twitter scheduler, or other tool(s)?

Hi Twitter-folks quick question.

Do you use any scheduler or tool for twitter?

If yes which one?

If no, why not?


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    You could take a look at my app https://teramine.com. It helps with managing your twitter account, as well as finding hashtags, influencers, tracking competitors. Do check it out.

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      will have a look thanks mate!

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    I have used tweet deck to schedule tweets. However, I do not schedule as many tweets at all anymore. I tweet about investing and the markets so my tweets are far more valuable and insightful in real time

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      Thanks for your insights. I struggle at time to come up with "ad hoc" things to talk about that is why I am considering a scheduler for general topics. I fully agree that certain topics will and have to be in "real time" and can't be automated.

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    I am the co-founder of a tool: https://socialbu.com . It can even schedule threads. and so we use it.

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      Appreciate your answer thx! Can you explain to me in one tweet how you are different from Hypefury?

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        With SocialBu, we are focusing on a complete social media "management" solution that works with other social networks too while HypeFury is more like a Twitter Marketing Tool.

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          Thanks for the clarification!

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    I'm a big fan of Hypefury. I use that every single day, and I use it to reach my target audience (North American founders) even when I am sleeping (in Berlin, Germany). It's incredibly useful beyond that: auto-retweeting your stuff, retweeting popular tweets from the past, scheduling replies, and being able to schedule threads... all of this has been instrumental to growing my audience.

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      Amazing, sounds great I'll take a look into Hypefury!

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    buffer.com is a pretty popular tool for scheduling social media posts, including Twitter!

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      thx! Do you have experience with it?

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        We used it briefly on the trial, but since I'm not too active on the company twitter anyways I didn't end up continuing with it 😅

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          alrighto, thx 4 the info! :)

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    Yes, I use publer.io for my facebook and twitter accounts

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      thx for the info! What do you like, and what don't you like about it?

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