Twitter shakes off the cobwebs with new product plans

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    I was in a "space" with Twitter's head of product the other day, Kayvon. I asked him: Why was Twitter stagnant for so many years? And what changed recently?

    They're building product after product. Fleets, Twitter Spaces, newsletters, paid feeds, groups, and more on the way. They even have their engineers building in public and asking for suggestions if you know who to follow.

    His answer was: Yes, we were slow. It was frustrating, because we saw the creator economy and the world passing us by. All these platforms like Substack and Patreon doing what we should be doing. But we had to get the core product right. Even basic features, tweets and threads, used to be much more confusing. Their feed wasn't algorithmic until recently. Etc. It took years to get the base down. But now it's good, and they're ready to move at lightning speed.

    I bought a lot of stock in Twitter a few months ago and I'm buying more this week.

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      love this insight, thanks for sharing.

      could you recommend the best account to follow for the build-in-public content you mentioned?

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      Super interesting. It makes complete sense now. I bought some stock in Twitter, too, partly thanks to this excellent analysis from Packy McCormick 👇


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