Twitter Spaces is amazing!

Hey everyone!

Twitter has been copying Clubhouse with their very own Twitter Spaces. It's still in beta and works better on the iPhone compared to Android.

I'm yet to host my very own space, but I've been joining a lot of them and learning from other people. Chris Do, the owner of "The Futur" and maker of YouTube videos, hosted his first Space two days ago.

It was the best space I've joined so far! He discussed his latest YouTube video on reinventing yourself and had lots of people come up to the stage and ask questions. The information he gave was incredible and really insightful.

The funny thing is, he noticed I was using the purple emoji. This is something Twitter users have been adding before their names to signify who can host rooms. He pulled me up to ask a few questions about Spaces and if he was doing a good job. I told him, I've never hosted a Space, but I have been listening to many, and he's doing a great job.

I then used this moment as a chance to ask him a question. I deal with anxiety and going up as a speaker was sending it into overdrive. I asked if he experiences it and what does he do to tackle it. He told me he experiences it every day, but he gets into his mindset that everyone has already made up their mind about you. There's no changing it, and you have to learn to accept that. Once you can accept that, you can start tackling your anxieties. He recommended a book and read a section of it.

Honestly, talking to Chris and getting his insight was super helpful. It's enabled me to come up as a speaker more often and talk to more people. I have connected to people I would have never connected with before, and I am really excited to see where Twitter Spaces goes next.

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