Twitter Tip Jar is official, thoughts?

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    Twitter says "Anyone who is in the initial test group can add links to select third-party payment services to their main Twitter profile. People can support them by sending them monetary tips via those third-party payment services."


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    i'm on the record for being pretty bullish about all of twitter's new features, but i'm actually not sure how to feel about this particular feature.

    i mean, it's a cool feature — don't get me wrong. but the problem is that tipping someone is fundamentally anonymous and so it feels impossible to discuss the implications of the ability to tip.

    hopefully soon some people will learn how to really make the tipping system work for themselves and do writeups to share their processes with others.

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      Actually it seems to not be anonymous: https://twitter.com/fajarsiddiqFS/status/1390659015617564678?s=19

      What do you have in mind when you say:" make the tipping system work?"

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        whenever a new way to make money emerges, it takes a while for people to work out effective ways to really capitalize on it. and even once the first few people do figure out ways to leverage the system, a bit more time will usually pass before they take their learnings public and share them with other people.

        in the case of twitter's tip jar, for example, i'd imagine the best way to maximize tips is to explicitly ask for them after offering people clear value directly on twitter. something like:

        1. draft an extremely valuable tweet storm
        2. end the tweet storm with a tip solicitation: "If you found that advice helpful, consider visiting my profile and leaving me a tip: @ angezanetti"

        and of course, this is just one hypothetical approach that might really work. with time, and with testimonials, more approaches will emerge, and the tipping system might gain a bit more steam.

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          Got it, thanks for the explanation!

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    I think that is a good feature for Indie Hackers ;) yet I'm wondering the added value and the integration if you need to use a third party service.

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