Twitter will let everyone host Twitter Spaces next month

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    Clubhouse is the fastest growing startup ever but I just don't see them beating out Twitter Spaces.

    Twitter has too many advantages:

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      Totally with on this. What is your view on the end result for Clubhouse?

      I don't want to think that they are going to be adquered or merged with another company, but I think that is the most likely

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        What is your view on the end result for Clubhouse?

        Hard to say. Especially with all the venture capital backing them.

        If they somehow manage to a) beat out Twitter Spaces and b) figure out an incredible business model, I expect to see them IPOing in a few years and making their stakeholders fantastically wealthy.

        But I honestly wouldn't bet on A or B.

        More likely imo are for them to get merged/acquired as you suggested or for them to pivot to an adjacent niche of some sort.

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      All those advantages also disadvantages.

      Less is more? More engineers working on a whole another platform, this is an extension for them with a high burden since they compete against a "small" startup under the name of Twitter. On the other side, CH engineers should work on it for their life. :)
      Core users, advocates, higher chance of becoming the big fish in the small pond.
      Public figures are where the money is at. - OnlyFans.

      Those who thinks they lost Android users. Android users stop talking about for something didn't existed months ago, as always. How hard is it to port an iOS project into Android? Especially without much functionality. Create room, pass the sound. If it's not fully written in Swift all it takes should be the user interface.

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      Very true. Cross-platform availability is going to be the biggest factor imo. Clubhouse missed out on building a relationship with Android users big time. There is a massive number of non-iOS folks who are gonna jump into Twitter Spaces. With an established, highly credible userbase already available on Twitter, I doubt there will be any shortage of great content either. This should be a good win for Twitter.

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    What's happening with super followers? I was trying to find a reference to it in the Twitter API docs yesterday without any luck

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    Can someone add me to their room ? I have very few followers in my timezone (US-central) - looking to connect with other people from the IH community!

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    The negativity on twitter coupled with audio rooms. 🤔

    Grabs popcorn

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      You're in the wrong bubble Man 🙃

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        Haha. Don't think so and this is more sarcastic then not, there is some positive bubbles but the vast majority on there is not 😁

        Guess better than Reddit or HN audio rooms 😎

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    Not Everyone. Users who have a minimum of 600 followers can host Spaces.

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    Trends com and go...

    Facebook groups- nearly all dead and has no reach. I see groups with 100K people, which post reach is poor (e.g. 5 likes at most with no comments)

    Quora spaces- half year ago platform was pushing everyone to join as much as you can. Nowdays reach dropped to insane level.

    Clubhouse- it is on trend (android users included me dissapointed)

    Twitter- will be a trend (make sure to jump in the train to get most of it)

    Now every platform making changes like this will let everyone to segment themselves by interest to show more targeted ads,- who cares, just get benefits for your business on whatever you working on.

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