Twitter October 15, 2020

Twitter wisdom accounts


Who are some of the wisest twitter accounts you follow? Doesn't have to be startup wisdom, just dope advice/ideas/commentary.

One of my favorites is Gurwinder Bhogal. If you have no idea who that is then I recommend you check out his tweet thread of 40 powerful concepts to get a taste of what he's about.

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    Naval ravikant anyday!

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    ⚠️ Rant

    With all due respect. It’s BS, for there is no wisdom without experience. You might say that a smart person learns from other people’s mistakes and you’d be right... except that most of these wisdom givers: (1) always share abstract “advice” (giving them the flexibility to change the interpretation according to the context) and (2) (by the way, this is the most important one) you most probably do not share the same context (e.g., if he’s rich and you’re not and he says something along the lines of “chasing money is a futile endeavor” ... do I even need to draw a picture here?).

    One problem, especially if you follow lots of them, being bombarded by them on a consistent basis will teach you nothing but laziness and you’ll probably start relying on their “wisdom” (authority bias here) which means you’ll start consuming. And the moment you start consuming, you’ll stop producing.

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