Two more weeks in public- and so little to show?

Week 3 and 4 ended up being a major change of pace. I took the time to pause on coding/marketing/etc for life. I read the book Essentialism twice. Had a few major discussion about it with the wife, and realized that:

  1. I don’t really have an audience, so building something big (like Producer) won’t be optimal until I do.
  2. I really want to spend most of my time teaching.
  3. The best way to do both 1+2 (and to build the right thing) is to get back to creating regular YouTube content myself-- so I did!

I’m going to continue to slowly build Producer, but I’ll be doing it as a part of my series to teach people how to code. Anything I end up bringing into Producer should ultimately be a video for others. I’ll also be adding data sources to ListenAddict as it slowly continues to climb up in Google search results.

Last 2x Sprints

  • ❌ Send out email to my two Producer subscribers.
  • ✅ Add two data sources to LA
  • ✅ Watch Egghead series on Next.js + Stripe (I don’t use Next.js, but I think I could probably learn a thing or two about Stripe).
  • ✅ Watch / read 30x500 series x2
  • ❌ Implement a tweetbot for ListenAddict (yes, this isn’t code week, but I think doing automated marketing is what I need to grow it given I haven’t done any formal marketing on it).
  • ✅ Ponder the universe, or at least think about what my best use of time would be for “non-code” weeks. -> This led to me reading essentialism!


🎥 ProgrammingTIL YouTube Stats

  • 2 New Videos uploaded (+2)
  • 8 Videos Recorded (+8)
  • 13 Videos Code created; 5 waiting to be recorded (+13)
  • 2,070 total subscribers
  • Last 28 days: 4,300 YT Views
  • Last 28 days: 87.9 Hours Watch time
  • Last 28 days: +11 subscribers

🎧 ListenAddict Stats

  • 22 registered users (+1)
  • 1,329 unique visitors (+274)
  • 91 Data Sources (+7)
  • 23,095 total talks (+515)
  • 12,050 total people (+278)
  • 151,402 -> 107,143 API requests (+29,011)
  • 1 Frontend deployments (+1)
  • 3 Backend deployments (+3)

🎬 Producer Stats

  • 2 email sign ups!!! (+1)

Other Stats

  • 2 Indie Hacker posts (+2)

🤔Lessons Learned

  • Building in a vacuum sucks. In order to expand my reach, I have to provide value for people. I’m going to do this by getting back to creating coding tutorials.

🏃 Next Sprint

  • ProgrammingTIL YT: Post at least 6 videos. Create code for at least 5 videos. Record at least 8 videos.
  • ProgrammingTIL Site:
  • ListenAddict: Add four data sources
  • Producer: Send out email to my four Producer subscribers.
  • Other: Watch / read 30x500 series x2
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