Two weeks ago, I asked you guys for help. Here's what happened... 😎

Two weeks ago, I posted here about my failure to find ANY traction on Twitter. And not for lack of trying -- I've been tweeting with a purpose since 2016.

Anyways, you guys gave me a TON of great advice!

And I took it all seriously right away. Especially the parts about staying POSITIVE and GIVING as much value as I can to my small (but growing!) audience.

What happened?

In just two weeks, I gained 30 followers -- more than I'd gained in the entire year prior. Profile visits up 221%. Mentions up 159%.

But best of all, I'm connecting with AMAZING people building AMAZING things -- just the kind of connections I've lacked as I've built my business these past five years.

Anyways, thanks for all the GREAT advice! I mean it.

(If you care to look, my profile is here. I started taking your guys' advice on September 16.)

  1. 2

    Hello! what about person who just newly made his account any tips for me?

  2. 1

    Thanks for sharing, gives me hope to try Twitter for my product.

    1. 1

      Do it!

      I'm launching something new and exciting soon. Going to leverage Twitter (and LinkedIn) BIG time this go-round.

      I wasn't in a position to "announce" my last company's launch, so this will be new. Considering Product Hunt, but might wait until I've had some good volume so I can work out the kinks.

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