March 29, 2019

Uber/ Airbnb for trainers

Lavinia Mehedintu @LaviniaMM

Hi, everyone. I have an idea, and I'd like to get some feedback on it. It's based on shared-economy, and it's an Uber/ Airbnb for trainers.

First, companies are in the lookout for people that can deliver knowledge to their employees on different topics. But they want really, really good people. Mostly they get to them through a third-party (like a training agency who contracts trainers), but all the communication is done through this third party, there is little interaction with the trainer.

Second, there are high-performing professionals, who could deliver their knowledge to companies, but have no training experience and no way to market their skills.

My idea is to build a platform where anybody who'd like to have a side-gig and monetize skills outside their current employment status can apply to be a trainer. We'd teach them how to design learning journeys (I have those skills, as I do this as a consultant for some time now) and build a marketplace with their profiles.

Meanwhile, I'd ask companies to just take a look at the platform, and if they see someone who could help them, hire them. Basically, they'd hire people who solved their problems for other companies.

All the communication would be made directly with the trainer, but both he and the companies would sign contracts with my platform. The monetization will be % of the trainers' fee.

What do you think? :)


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    There is a big difference with Ubers and AirBnbs. And I wonder what do you think about it.
    For example, the taxi service is more or less homogenous commodity, that is you'll get roughly the same service from different drivers.
    In training, for one price the effectivenes of what you will get can vary several times. That makes the procedure of choosing a trainer much less trivial comparng to a taxi driver.

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    Hey Lavinia, I actually had the same idea a few months ago! The company I work for was looking for external speakers to come every week to teach something new to our employees but their budget was quite tight. I can totally see an interest to this type of platform from both sides, I think this is a very interesting project and this is still in the back of my head. However, building a marketplace is very challenging and this seems like a quite big project with a lot of risks. A proper plan to validate your ideas should be your first step. I would love to share our thoughts on this idea, please drop me an email to vincent.comby[at] if you would like to. I am a fullstack developer and can help with the tech and product side of things :)

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    Hey Lavinia, it really doesn't matter what we think. The only way to validated and idea is to yet people to pay for it.

    So how about you set up an MVP and try to see if you can get at least 5 people to pay you.

    That's validation.

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    I think U've identified a real problem. U probably already know that building a two-sided marketplace seems like one of the most challenging businesses to start. To alleviate that problem it definitely helps to start in a specialized market (say, pick a city and a specific type of training) and start there.

    Before trying to build a platform U might want to make partnerships with individual trainers to act as their salesperson and give yourself a commission if U can land them gigs with companies.

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    Well, first of all, there is nothing new in this idea. There are existing solutions already, but maybe not for the corporate business (I believe they already exist but I don't know them).
    Secondly, I don't fully understand why you mention Uber and Airnbnb as for this approach to hiring somebody directly appeared long, long before these companies.
    Anyway, I don't discourage you, I just point you that probably you would rather focus on the pretty narrow niche as for it's much easier to investigate and understand customers' real needs.
    Good luck!